Welcome to SabraFence. We’re reshaping perimeter security.

With our cutting-edge perimeter security technology and unwavering commitment, we’re redefining the standards of protection. Explore how our innovative technology is fortifying boundaries and ensuring unmatched security across small to medium-sized perimeters.

Simple & Friendly Setup

Innovative perimeter security solution featuring multi-sensing technology that is simple to set up.

Multiple Sensing

Multi-sensing technology sensors for comprehensive security management with a low false alarm rate.

Control & Monitoring

State-of-the-art monitoring software optimally designed for small to medium-sized perimeters.

API and SDK Tools

Robust SDK/API tools for seamless integration into third-party control systems.

SabraFence: The Perimeter Security Dilemma

Escape the trade-off dilemma

Traditional methods are either very expensive or unreliable. Sabra Fence represents a paradigm shift. Our perimeter security technology boasts low installation and maintenance costs while delivering near-zero false alarms with military-grade reliability.

We offer unmatched protection without compromising your budget or peace of mind.

Multi-Sensing Technology

MST: The Heart of SabraFence

SabraFence’s Multi-Sensing Transducer (MST) sensors detect breaches within 3 meters by analyzing vibrations, temperature changes and magnetic shifts. It can be tailored and adapted to your surveillance needs.

SabraFence MST: Redefining Perimeter Security
Robust Design & Environmental Protection

Our sensors boast a robust design, encapsulated to withstand environmental elements—UV, dust, salt, moisture, and chemicals—ensuring consistent performance in any condition.

Reliable Performance Across Temperatures

Designed for reliability, our sensors maintain consistent and precise performance across varying temperatures, providing reliable intrusion detection in any climate.

Lightning Protection & EMI Rejection

Built for resilience, our sensors feature optimal lightning protection and EMI rejection, safeguarding against electrical surges and interference for uninterrupted security operations.

Multi-Sensing Precision

Each sensor within our MST technology identifies a spectrum of events—vibration, magnetic fluctuations, temperature changes, and integration with third-party sensors—offering comprehensive and accurate perimeter security within a precise 3-meter range.

Possible Perimeter Security

  • Railway and airport security
  • Infrastructure protection: power plants, water pipes, cellular towers
  • Logistics and storage sites, theft protection
  • Residential fences and closed neighborhoods
  • Agricultural and livestock perimeters
  • Tunnel shaft entrance

Whether you’re seeking top-notch intrusion detection technology, exploring partnerships, or need technical support, our team is ready.

We’re here to ensure your peace of mind and offer uncompromising security.