Safeguarding Diverse Perimeters & Assets

Fence Types

Discover the versatility of SabraFence in safeguarding utility sites, warehouses, railway fences, and more. Our sensors seamlessly integrate with various fence types, ensuring robust security across diverse infrastructures.

Perimeter Types

From construction walls to residential fences, taut wire to shaft entrances, SabraFence adapts to diverse perimeters. Explore how our sensors fortify different perimeter structures, offering unparalleled security in various settings.

Special Uses of the Sensor

Explore the unique applications of SabraFence’s sensor technology. From securing gates or communication shafts to protecting air conditioning units and facilitating smart patrolling, our sensors provide adaptable solutions for specialized needs.

Example: Water Pumping Station

See a comprehensive example of SabraFence in action. Experience how our sensors fortify the perimeter, gates, and engine houses of a water pumping station, ensuring complete protection of critical assets.