Multiple Sensing Capabilities

SabraFence pioneers perimeter protection, crafting an impenetrable shield for your safety. Our revolutionary Multiple-Sensing Technology (MST) surpasses conventional bounds, preempting breaches and setting new security benchmarks.

Accurate Intrusion Identification: Sensors detect vibrations, magnetic, temperature, and electrical events within a 3-meter range, offering precise breach identification using a single, efficient device.

Advanced Sensor Capabilities: Each sensor boasts remote access, sensitivity adjustment, independent processing, and self-neutralization to prevent entire sector compromise.

Hardware & Software Synergy: Our system combines sophisticated hardware and Sabra Monitor™ software, providing complete perimeter control, seamless CCTV integration, and real-time event visualization.

Multiple Sensing: Highlights

Vibration Event

Advanced intrusion detection identifies breach attempts with ±3 meters precision.

Magnetic Event

Sensitive magnetic sensors ensure reliable detection of events like gate openings.

Temperature Event

Real-time temperature measurements alert to sudden changes in sensor vicinity.

CCTV & Sensor Integration

Seamless integration with existing CCTV systems for immediate visual feedback on compound events.

Monitoring Software

Sabra Monitor™ offers a comprehensive sensor view, ensuring 24/7 perimeter vigilance.

Smart Patrol Integration

Guards integrate with our system, providing proof of arrival at alerted sensors for efficient response.

Our Technology

At SabraFence, we are pioneers in the field of perimeter protection, driven by a vision to create an impenetrable shield that safeguards your most valued surroundings. We have developed a revolutionary cutting-edge peripheral protection warning system that goes beyond conventional boundaries. Our technology is meticulously designed to detect and preempt any attempt to breach the perimeter fence, setting new benchmarks for security.

Our advanced MST development ensures accurate identification of breach attempts within a 3 meter range. Each sensor has the ability to immediately identify and notify a vibration, magnetic, temperature and an electrical event – all using the same very small and efficient MST device.

Our system is easily installed on all fences and borders structures and offers high-powered analysis, bi-directional communication with our software, and individual sensor alerts. Each individual sensor offers several advantages, including remote access up to the individual sensor level, individual sensitivity adjustment, independent processing capability, and self-neutralization in the event of a fault to prevent the entire sector from being compromised.

SabraFence’s technology harnesses both our proprietary hardware and our top of the line Sabra Monitor™ software to allow your security staff to gain full control over their perimeter. Moreover, our software integrates with any CCTV out there, giving you an immediate visual of any event happening on your compound. 

Choosing SabraFence means creating fortified boundaries and unmatched security, resulting in redefining your perimeter protection.